Virtual Assitant Services

Companies today are rethinking the way in which they operate. Slim, dynamic and flexible is what is required to sustain competitiveness in the market. This is also true in having a flexible labour force, that will perform its tasks without having to inflate the company overheads at the same time. Our virtual assistants allow you to increase and decrease your labour force as will be needed, without having to deal with all the staffing constraints. Arklinn’s Virtual Assistants will help you to do many of your supportive tasks and leave you with more time to work on your core business. From your administrative duties to social media management and website and blog management, we have the right virtual assistant that will meet your specific needs, all the while keeping your business overheads at the bare minimum. No more excuses as to why tasks have not been done. Hire our virtual assistants as and when you need them.

What We Do

  • Invoicing and follow ups
  • Booking appointments
  • Follow up with clients and suppliers
  • Data entry
  • Collect data on potential suppliers, competitors
  • Email management
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Conduct research
  • Travel bookings
  • Industry knowledge preparations
  • Manage your schedule
  • Book Keeping
  • Setting up and managing business systems
  • Social media assistant
  • Keep your website updated and fresh
  • Make your site SEO friendly
  • Draft web campaigns
  • Follow up on leads

Our Plans:

We have plans that start from 10 hours per month. This is ideal for startups and entrepreneurs who need basic administrative support services to lighten their to-do-lists.

Please contact us for a consultation and we will customise a plan that works for you.